Outreach Program

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Reading Roots Literacy has begun an outreach component and the programs are now being used at Gems International School in Battembang, Cambodia. In March of 2013 the programs were donated to the school and we went to Cambodia to help the teachers implement the program. Teachers were given training and there were individual meetings to help with lesson plans. Demonstration lessons with the students were given to model teaching strategies.

The students at Gems school go to their local public schools in the morning; then in the afternoon they attends Gems where they learn English. Being able to speak and read and write in English will be very helpful to them in their future employment. Future teachers, students at the University of Education and Development, were also given a four-hour training session. At the end of the week there was a one-hour presentation to representatives from other schools in Battambang. It was an amazing and joyful week for us: teachers and students were extremely appreciative and it is heart-warming to realize that the Roots and Sprouts programs are going to make a big difference in their lives. Thank you to Jan, Amgad, and Ashraf Rushdy for making this dream come true.

See below for a gallery of photos from our life-changing journey!

Jenny with the Primary 2 class.
The students are excited to have their Sprouts booklets.
Jenny conducted a four-hour training session with forty friendly and enthusiastic university students at the University of Education and Development.
Jenny with one of the university students, Dang van Vinh. He is from Vietnam and may be setting up a school there.
We donated crayons, scissors, and glue for the students. This lady helped to put the crayons in bags, while being watched by an audience of preschoolers.
Making sure each child can say the lonely vowel sounds.
Learning the /a/ sound, using the poster and the Sprouts magnetic board.
Kindergarten class with June and Dara
In front of Gems International School. Back row: Phyas, Phin, Sarith, Thavet, Dara, Volake Front row: Ezah, Grace, Jenny, Jan, Lumorng
The university students learning all about phonemic awareness and how to use the magnetic boards.
Jenny with Jan and Amgad Rushdy. They and their nephew Ashraf were instrumental in planning and supporting all my activities in Cambodia. A big thank you to them; they are making a big difference in the lives of people in Battambang.
Using the posters to review the “lonely” vowel sounds.
Reviewing the /o/ sound.
Preschool class with Lumorng and Ezah
At the end of the week there was a Reading Roots presentation to representatives from other schools in Battambang, organized once again by the Rushdys.
Jenny with the Primary 1 (Grades 1-3) class and their teacher, Phin.
Jenny with one of the sweet little Kindergarten kids, Svi Lin.
Jenny meeting with the Kindergarten teacher, Dara, practicing teaching strategies.
The teachers attended a two-day workshop on Saturday and Sunday. Back row: Jan, Jenny, Grace. Front row: Volake, Lumorng, Dara, Phiyas, Ezah, Phin, June, Thavet
The teachers of Gems International school with their certificates for completing the Reading Roots seminar.
Showing the students the “lonely” vowels on the magnetic board.
All done! Time to colour.
“Teacha” Jan and “Teacha” Jenny. Jan has been volunteering at the school for the past two months. She and her husband, Amgad, were instrumental in organizing my outreach to Cambodia.
Teacher Thavet with his Primary 2 class (Grades 4-6)
Doing a Sprouts cut and paste.
Jenny meeting with the Primary (Grades 1-3) teacher, Phin, working on lesson plans.



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