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November, 2010

It is with great appreciation that I recommend the Reading Roots Program by Jenny Miller.

After many years of struggling with helping my son, Tristyn, with his ability to read through a variety of "proven" learning facilities, Tristyn after 2 years still had not made any progress. I was then referred to Jenny's program of Reading Roots. Jenny's method brought Tristyn from a Grade 1 reading level to a Grade 6 level in less than one year.

Reading Roots is a straightforward and easily teacher /parent led program. I was able through constructive coaching by Jenny to achieve great success at home.

I believe so much in this program that I am now using Reading Roots for teaching my daughter Mariah to read. Mariah in only a few sessions is already reading simple words!

Working with Jenny has been a positive and professional experience. I would envision her carrying that dynamic into presenting Reading Roots to a larger consumer base with success.


Janel Butler

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