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Reflections on the Reading Roots Program

Reading Roots is undoubtedly the most valued reading program I use as a reading teacher. Coming from a teaching background in England, Ireland, Alberta and now presently employed in B.C. Jenny Miller has boosted my knowledge and skills in knowing how to teach reading in a way that none of my College or University courses was able to do. The beauty of Reading Roots is that it provides a teacher with all of the teaching materials, ideas, techniques and guidelines to take a student from the initial to the final stage in the process of learning how to read. The hands on teacher friendly lay out, and the bold student friendly printed materials are an amazing asset in the classroom. The care and thoughtful planning that Jenny has devoted to creating this superb reading program has saved me immeasurable time in the preparation and organization of my reading classes.

Reading Roots is not only an amazing program in the classroom it is also an excellent asset in the Learning Assistance area. In my present position as an L.A. teacher I primarily rely on the guidelines and materials provided by Jenny for evaluating my students, and developing my individual learning plans for my special needs students. I have observed the most wonderful student success in the use of the magnetic boards. My students are particularly motivated to overcome their fears and obstacles experienced in former learning environments, by becoming fully engaged in using the hands on magnetic boards. As they manipulate the sounds to form words, it is a joy to see them become so empowered as they experiment, self-correct and eventually master the task at hand.

Jenny Miller has done an amazing job in creating the Reading Roots program. She has succeeded in the most friendly and delightful way, not only in empowering teachers such as myself to experience immeasurable success, but also in creating innumerable students to grow into confident, successful independent readers.

Margaret Specht, November 2010

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