Seminar Comments

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Below are some comments retrieved from a number of different seminars about reading held by Jenny Miller:

"I am so thankful for all the resources and instruction/teaching strategies that I received. Jenny is very thorough, very willing to share her resources, and she has built a most successful reading system that can benefit so many children."

"Best workshop I've taken."

"Finally someone who realizes we can start on day 1 in Kindergarten to teach our kids to read! Kudos to you, can you be cloned? Amazing value for money. Every school should teach this way."

"Excellent - lots of new ideas to greatly improve my program."

"The program is extremely well thought-out and structured carefully for ease of use. I am sure with study and practical use a teacher/assistant will be able to move students forward in their reading at a steady and certain pace. I look forward to using the program."

"Your seminar is awesome. I really appreciate the detailed explanations and the black line masters. I liked seeing the videos to help put things in context. Thank you for 3 very worthwhile days!"

"Amazing! It is so nice to attend such a hands-on workshop, one where you can go back to school and put into practice what you have learned. Awesome! Thank you!"

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